When McDonald Contracting buy our house what do we have to do?

When McDonald Contracting purchases your house there isn’t much for you to do at your end.  We advise that you should obtain council permission to have the house moved from site.  After you have moved out completely you will need to have all services disconnected well before McDonald Contracting start work on your site.

How long does the process take to load a house to be moved?

Obviously weather permitting, it takes McDonald Contracting 5-7 days to load the house ready for moving off the block.  Once at the new destination the house take about the same to structurally rejoin and construct footings and piers.

Can McDonald Contracting construct our new footings and piers for our new moved house?

Yes McDonald Contracting can construct your new footings and piers for your new moved house.  You will need to advise, by geo tech report or your local council may be kind enough to give it to you, the soil classification for your area.  Once we have that information and what style of pier you would like our friendly staff can advise of the costs involved.

Who organises all the relative permits for the house to be moved?

McDonald Contracting will organise the necessary permits for the house to be moved off your site and or onto the new site.  These permits are the house movers responsibility.

Do I need to be an Owner Builder to move the house onto my new block of land?

Yes, McDonald Contracting require all of their customers to be owner builders.  It is a simple on line course your can do and you will also need your OH&S White Card as the new government has made changes to the systems.

Is the house insured on the trailers when being moved?

McDonald Contracting hold all the correct insurances for your house to be safely insured while in transit and being unloaded from our trailers.  You will need to arrange insurance for once the building is re joined and sitting on piers.

What is the difference between hydraulic house moving trailers and other trailers?

The difference between our trailers and other house mover trailers is that our trailers have steering axles which enables alot more moverability around corners and other objects, they also elevate and lower to go up and over fence posts or lane dividers and under power lines without too much difficulty.  Our trailers offer a softer ride for the house we are moving.  Our trailers also are of the highest safety standard possible within the industry.

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What our clients say about us

"Early this morning we witnessed the tow halves of the house being driven off our place for the very last time. It was sad to see the house go, and we wish it well for its future. My wife had tears as we watched the processions, as we had many good years in that house; and tha is all my daughter has ever known. It is truly amazing to see what your gusy do to get these things up and on the road, bypassing all the obstacles, that are in the way."

-George Revesby Heights

"Hi Shane and Chantel, the boys have done a fantastic job moving our house. We are really happy. Our little boy, and his friends, enjoyed watching!"

-Tim & Julianne Taree

"Hi Chantel. We wanted to thank you, Shane and the crew for the wonderful job you all did. We are thrilled with our house and very impressed with the expertise of your team. The boys did a fantastic job. Thanks once again."

-Turnbull Family Lightening Ridge

"Now that you have completed the removal process with our timber house, we would like to thank you for doing such a fine job and within the estimated time period. The McDonald Contracting team are professional, friendly and honest by keeping their word. Shane has also done a brilliant job with the site clean after the house removal. We wish you all the very best and thank you once again for a wonderful and exciting experience. We have no hesitation to recommend McDonald Contracting for any house removals."

-Bryce Family Hornsby

"Hi Chantel, we wanted to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful experience. It has been an amazing journey. Thank you for your well wishes and we wish your company every success."

"Hi McDonald Contracting, Chantel and Shane. Just thought you might like to see this nice comment from the Director of Engineering at the Counci. Everyone was very impressed with you guys. Thanks for all of your hard work." Council Engineer wrote: "Good to see another monster move went without any major hitches. The police were very happy with the contractor adn impressed with the manoeuvrability of the transport equipment. Congratulations."

-Armidale House Relocation

"Hi Chantel, please thank Shane, Mat and your team for a professional job, well done and it is much appreciated. I hope the trip to Berry went well with the house."

"Yah! Shane and his team have delivered my house! Yep! It had to rain! I must have killed 55 chinamen ha ha! So happy with Shane and Tim who never stopped from the time he arrived on site. What a damn good worker. Look after him. I just watched. Black mud in Inverell is...not very nice...lol. So happy with your service and your escort drivers had nothing but praise for Shane and his team and not to forget Poss with her cup cakes for the fellas! She was lovely too...well done! So very gratefull for all your efforts and professionalism. Cheers Chantel, Shane and team, I will recommend you to anyway and hey, all going good you could get another few to do for me. Thanks."


"Thank you very much for all your help and kind service. You and your team are fantastic."

"I sincerely thank you for your very prompt replies and answers to my questions. You have given us great customer service."

As a testimonial, I would like to say your organisation was most professional to deal with. McDonald Contracting know the business of house moving - very efficient and very hard working team! We like the "old fashioned" service they had to offer. The site was left clean as they did all the demo work too. We had a vacant block of land left and we were able to have our building come straight in to work. We would definately recommend them to anyone!"

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